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Different Methods Used  In Purifying Water



Nowadays our environment is widely polluted by water which makes our food and air to be very harmful. Through water purification, we can make the air, food and also water clean and healthy for use. Scientist and researchers have tested different water purification methods which also give different results making these processes to be of no equality. Water purification is a very essential because through this process all the harmful chemicals from water are killed. Nowadays due to improved technologies, water cleansing process is being made to all water outlet sources before being pumped for usage back in homes. Some of the following procedures are used to purify water to make it safe for consumption.


Distillation is one of the most used processes from back in the days. Moreover, some people use it presently. Through distillation, water is boiled and then allowed to cool. Boiling helps to kill these germs and chemicals in water as a result of the heat generated when boiling. It's not recommended because researchers say all harmful germs in the water are not completely removed. Carbon filtration is another process of water purification and also one of the common techniques used. The water bacterias and chemicals are removed by introducing different compounds in the water. A small amount of silver is also added in the water because these silver ions easily extract all the bacteria, germs and chemicals from the water. Several added compounds are released and remain in the surface of the water so that they can quickly extract all the remaining harmful germs from the water. Also, sub-micron filtration is considered as one of the most efficient methods to purify water with the aid of synthetic membrane. These membranes can be re used for several times, some people even use it for over more than 40 times because it cleans your water every day. Silver is also used here because of its ability to reduce all the dangerous chemicals that are in the water. Know more about filter pure.


Reverse osmosis is also another process of water purification where water is put under pressure and then is allowed to pass in between semi porous membrane to remove the debris. It's one of the slowest water purification process and also not very efficient that is why it's rarely used. Electro-deionization is an advanced process of purification because it has more additional steps required for purifying water. It's the safest method and most recommended by water engineers to use because after the process the water is very clean. Visit filterpure.com if you have questions.


To get more ideas on where to find the best water purification process, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_purification.